Teaching the world through song, one student at a time…
Music is an innate part of us. As human beings, we understand that it pleases and moves us. Because our focus is academic, Songs That Teach can be placed into our classrooms and homes without taking time away from other academic areas of concern.
It augments, refines, and enriches the language arts and math programs in our schools because it is integrated into all of these activities and is aligned with state and district English Language Arts Content, Math, Science & Health, Social Science, and ELL Standards. Once you observe first hand how it works, you will be amazed.
Songs That Teach deserves a place in the curricular planning agendas of all teachers and parents.
Teacher Information
As we move into the next century, our multicultural population will continue to expand, thus creating a critical need for curriculum that can be easily adapted to English Language Learners. It is our desire and goal to create a motivated, safe-to-take-a-risk, learning environment, where all children can become successful learners.
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